Onigiri snack making machine (おにぎり)

We are pleased to offer you a snack making machine «ONIGIRI» (healthy rice food with vegetables). There are different types of snack machines:

SNACK machine CN12 (Semi-auto) CN12

Dimensions: S- 830mm*W- 700mm*H-1040mm

    • Efficiency: 1000 ea/h
    • Power: 220 V
    • Weight: 100 kg
    • Price: 13 400 $
    • Supply time: 40 day

Specifications: Rice is being pressed into triangle-shaped forms and in the middle a filling is being put inside. Notice* this snack machine do not pack Onigiri.

SNACK machine SDM978 (Semi-auto)

  • Dimensions : S-430mm*W-830mm*H-1200mm SDM978
  • Efficiency : 1200-2400 ea/h
  • Power consumption : 400W
  • Power : 220v/60Hz
  • Weight : 165kg
  • Price: 14 500 $
  • Supply time : 30 days

Specification: Rice is being pressed into triangle-, square-, round-shaped forms. It is used in small plants, sushi restaurantsх. Notice* this food machine also do not pack Onigiri. For more details, conditions of supply, prices and other information, please contact our Busan (Korea) office. All links below. forms2forms