Qscan +Home Care Oral Check Device


More than 90% of people over the world uses right hands when brushing their teeth. This is a problem? Never it is. Never. However, we need to think about this. Usually left sided teeth are under better maintenance. Why? Because the brushing torque is stronger when right handed people apply brushing their leftsided teeth. Therefore, right sided teeth might be ignored a little bit in the aspect of oral hygene.
If you equip yourself with AIOBIO’s global first oral scanner Qscan +, you can see your oral hygene status as in the picture. If you can see, you can fix the habit. Whether you make full use of your old toothbrush or electic brushing device, it’s up to you. You can check your self anyway.

Of course we can keep your privacy covenantly. Just 5 seconds after brushing, nice dining, or chewing gums, you can chek your oral hygene status
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неоновый прибор для проверки зубов