Buy Modular Houses “Geodom” lowest prices!


DINSO HOLDING Company offers unique modular houses “Geodom” designed and manufactured in South Korea. Modular House “Geodome” is a modular dwelling made of FRP-panels with thermal and waterproofing. Exterior finish of modular homes has a coating that is resistant to any aggressive action of the external environment and the interior decoration of houses completely environmentally safe. геодом

“Geodome” is durable and has a long lifetime – up to 50 years. All design house can be assembled, erected and equipped inside for just one day. “Geodome” modular house – is the most advanced modular dwelling in the world, cost-effective, environmentally friendly, durable and safe. геодом

3 main advantages of modular house geodomE:

  • The strength of a domed shape
  • Prefabricated modular FRP-panel
  • Eco-friendly insulation materia

geodome model types:

  • Basic, 28 m²
  • Model Е-1, 52 m²
  • Model Е-2, 76 m²
  • Model Е-3, 100 m²
  • Model Е-3 + Basic model, 128 m²
Basic Diameter – 6m Height – 3mE-1 Diameter – 6m Height – 3m  Length  – 10 м


Е-2 Diameter – 6m Height – 3m  Length  – 14 мE-3 Diameter – 6m Height – 3m  Length  – 18м

геодом Model Е-3 + Basic геодом